What is Sacred Sexuality?

What’s involved with sacred sexuality? That’s a big question with an even bigger answer. VOLUMES have been written on the subject over centuries….. a quick answer is tough, but let’s say sacred sex seeks to have us humans engage in sexual activity from our highest most honorable selves. When we engage in sexual activity from our lower/animal selves, like the animals, it’s pure instinct, all about getting our needs/ drives met, with no compassion for how “the other” may feel. When we engage in sexual activity from our higher/ divine selves we intend to only engage in activities that will truly heal “the other” and wouldn’t dream of having ourselves receive bliss if “the other” didn’t completely and deeply and truly desire what we ask of them.
Also, sacred sex seeks to stimulate sexual energy (energy of creation) and then have it rise up the spine, awakening spiritual centers in the brain.
Sacred sex can help heal physical ailments, as well as spiritual, emotional, and psychological issues.

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