Training and Certifications

Certifications, Trainings, Courses and Workshops

Following is a non-exhaustive list of trainings and certifications I have received:

  • Tantric Massage – Red Lotus Temple of Tantra  (CERTIFIED)
  • Tantra-X: The Dynamics of Sex and Power -Lawrence Lanoff
  • Tantric De-Armoring – Andrew Barnes
  • Energetic Orgasm – Andrew Barnes
  • Tantra 101. Awareness. Connection. Energy. -Rovena Skye
  • Expanding Men’s Sexuality – Andrew Barnes
  • Expanding Women’s Sexuality – Andrew Barnes
  • Reiki Level One  -The Healing Center  (CERTIFIED)
  • Reiki Level Two  -The Healing Center  (CERTIFIED)
  • Reiki Master Teacher  -The Healing Center  (CERTIFIED)
  • Celebrate Your Sensuality  – Peter Petersen and Monique Darling
  • Healing Sexual Shame by Asking for what You Want – Reid Mihalko
  • Emotional Freedom Technique – Awakenings Institute  (CERTIFIED)
  • Flirting 101 – Reid Mihalko
  • Communication Mastery -Reid Mihalko
  • The Art of Radical Self-Acceptance -Reid Mihalko
  • Soulmate Delusions and the Relationship Map – Andrew Barnes
  • Fearless Relating Playshop Intensive – Lawrence Lanoff and Monique Darling
  • Foundations of Freedom: Learning to Let Go – Peter Petersen and Monique Darling
  • Wake Up To Your Dream Life – Peter Petersen and Monique Darling
  • Blossoming into Bliss – A Woman’s Awakening – Sacred Art of Unity
  • Wild Feminine Playshop: Love the Skin You Are In – Reclaim Your Pleasure -Monique Darling and Peter Petersen)
  • Pujafest and Sexual Energetics – Monique Darling and Reid Mihalko