I am Shekina, and it is my pleasure to introduce you to the deep healing of Sensations Meditations.You deserve it! 
My passion in life is sharing  with like minded souls various ways of Awakening Kundalini (Energy of Creation). I’m also a Reiki  Master and the two modalities work absolutely beautifully together!

My work is about Freeing the Soul to experience  itself through the Body Temple. It is a deeply honouring and Worshipful MeditationWith guided breathwork, together we will gently come to a tranquil, meditative state, in which you are deeply relaxed and totally self aware.

With exercises  such as Soul Gazing (outward or inward), our hearts can open to each other, to ourselves, and to life itself, increasing the potency of any joy and pleasure present in your body temple’s energetic system.

Sensation Meditations like the Blissful Breath Meditation can further increase these sensations. If you’d prefer a guided inward journey a Surrender Meditation is another option.